Camping Lamp USB Rechargeable Camping Light Outdoor Tent Light Lantern


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Key Features:

  1. USB Rechargeable: The Camping Lamp is equipped with USB rechargeable capabilities, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly power source. Charge it easily via USB before your outdoor adventures for a consistent and long-lasting light.
  2. Solar Power Option: In emergency situations or off-the-grid locations, harness the power of the sun with the solar power feature. The built-in solar panel allows you to recharge the lamp using sunlight, providing an alternative and sustainable energy source.
  3. Collapsible and Portable: Designed for convenience, the lamp is collapsible and portable, making it easy to carry during camping trips or outdoor activities. Expand it into a lantern for ambient lighting or collapse it into a compact flashlight for directional illumination.
  4. Multipurpose Design: This Camping Lamp serves multiple functions as a lantern and flashlight. Whether you need ambient light in your tent or a focused beam for navigating in the dark, this versatile outdoor light is a practical tool for all your camping and emergency needs.


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