Terms and conditions

1. Basic purpose of this website is the online shopping just in Pakistan. Terms and conditions applies to all the parts of this website.
2. Purpose of registration is only to buy online, e-newsletter or for asking queries from support staff of shoppingbox.pk.
3. You are free to use most sections of the website without getting registration (creating account with us) or disclosing any information but to complete the order process we need your email address, phone number and postal address.
4. Privilege of registration is that you can have information such as e-newsletter, fast order process etc.
5. These terms can be revised or changed without giving any notice by shoppingbox.pk.
6. We assume that you have read and accept the terms & conditions before any kind of online shopping with us.
7. In case of refund, claim will be accepted or rejected according to the refund policy of shoppingbox.pk
8. In case of any illegal activity we may, without any prior notice terminate the order or registration with us.
9. We are assuming either you are above 18 years of age or using this website under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
10. Laws of Pakistan will be applied related to claim of website material or our product. All users hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Pakistan courts and to waive any objections based upon venue.
11. Shoppingbox.pk is doing its best to deliver order of our customers in 15 to 20 days but since we are importing goods directly from China, Singapore, etc. so there could be some unforeseen circumstances e.g. weather conditions, shipment delay, vendor delay, unavailability of products etc. due to which product delivery time can increase. In such a situation where we have processed the import process internationally Shoppingbox.pk will not be considered for a refund.
12. Customers will be able to cancel the order from their control panel till the order status will be “Pending”. We will not able to cancel the order once turn to “Processed”.
13. If customer will not raise any issue via email e.g. Damaged product, Fault Product, Malfunctioning product, wrong product etc within 3 days of delivery than we will not entertain the return an consider it invalid return.
14. For Damaged Product in transit: Customer can return to courier right away and we will process the refund within 2 to 3 days (if any).
15. For Malfunctioned Products: Customer needs to provide us complete detail within 3 days of delivery. We will share the detail with the supplier and confirm the validity (refund or return) within 5 to 10 days.
16. There will be no refund or return policy for the following type of items.
17. Products without any Serial number or UPC.
18. Items with tag “This product is not eligible for returns”
19. Before to order any product please make sure product technically fulfill your requirements and contain no illegal ingredient (e.g. wine, pig etc) or content.
20. Before using any electronic product make sure not to plugg in a 110V electronic appliance into a 220V socket otherwise we will not be responsible for any refund or return.
21. If there will be any order having pre order type item than shopingbox.pk will not responsible for the changes happened in release date of that product. We will not make any kind of refund and customer have to wait for whatever will be the release date of product.